Traditional Curries Takeaway

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  • Bhuna (Onion and tomato – Medium)

    In Bangladesh, Bhuna is the most popular and daily eaten curry which has an aromatic flavor and thick sauce cooked with fresh coriander somato, onion, garlic, ginger and spices.

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  • Dansak (Lentil, Sweet and Sour Medium to Hot)

    This is red lentil based curry, cooked with pineapple, if you like lentil why not try!

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  • Dupiaza (Extra Onion Medium)

    It is a crunchy onion based curry which gives extra onion flavor, if you like onion go for it!

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  • Korma (Creams Very Mild)

    A very mild dish cooked in a sweet creamy coconut sauce garnished with almonds and sultanas. Pathia

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  • Madras (Fairly Hot)

    In south India, special,/ people from Madras like hot food. That’s why madras curry has become famous.

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  • Pathia (Mango Chutney, Sweet and Sour, Medium to Hot)

    The methi leaf provides the basis for this meal which is enrich with mango chutney and tomato ketchup and fresh lemon juice.

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  • Rogan Josh (ExtraTomato Medium)

    This is an extra tomato based curry enhanced with capsicum, garlic, ginger, cumin, paprika and yoghurt.Tomato lovers can go for it!

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  • Vindaloo (Very Hot)

    This is an extremely hot curry. Cooked with care, eat with caution!

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